St. Patrick’s Engineering Company

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E-Mail: mark-aj@swbell.net

Partnered with FXG Enterprises, Inc.


Alcott Chromatography, Inc.

Autosamplers for HPLC Systems

Auto Platechangers Systems

Pumps and control systems

Alpha M.O.S.

Electronic-nose systems, Electronic-tongue systems

With M.O.S. and MS detection

Gerstel, Inc.
Agilent channel partners

Instrumentation for GC Systems

Cooled injection systems, Multidimension Chromatography systems, Multi-purpose autosamplers, Thermal desorbtion systems, Olfactory and Chem-sensor systems

Richard Scientific

Sedex Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELSD), OPLC systems, LC pumps and Degassers

Elementar America

Elemental analysis CHNSO

Hi-TOC analysis

Chata Biosystems, Inc.

Pre-packaged certified reagents, buffers and water for analytical work (Flow-Tec)

Sievers Instruments, Inc.

Div. of Ionics

TOC analyzers, for laboratory and inline process

SCD and NCD systems for GC and online process control

Colloidal Dynamics

Particle Technology / size distribution , zeta potential, pH, Conductivity, Temperature,% Solids, Dynamic Mobility Spectrum, Ultrasonic Attenuation Spectrum

Groton & GTI/ Spectrovision

PDA detectors and Fluorescence Detectors for HPLC

Distek, Inc.

Dissolution systems and tablet testing equipment

Delphian Technology

Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitoring Systems

Real time Dissolution testing systems


Providing Scientific and Engineered products directly:

Burrell Controls

Rotary Limit Switches

JM Science

Shodex line of HPLC equipment and columns

IBZ Messtechnik Chiralyser Polarmetric Detector

Sykam Chromatography Systems

Zeltex, Inc.

NIR food analyzers (food, cheese, whole grain)

NIR hand held moisture analyzers for industrial and food application

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